Our Qualified Staff

not only sees patients all through-out San Antonio, but also outside of 1604 where it might sometimes be difficult to cover patients.

Our Qualified Staff

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access to all patients’ charts 24/7 through the user friendly web based software, Kinnser. Kinnser is an online live program that all of our staff uses to input notes, orders and communication notes. We also use it to invoice so no waiting for the mailman.

We Provide

Our quality

assurance department is the best in the business! With 15 years of experience in home health. We trust that when you receive completed therapy notes, you will have the peace of mind that they will be strictly checked for all new Medicare guidelines.

Our quality

SCOPE OF POSITION:  The Dietician conducts assessments and reassessments of the home health patient in understanding the patient’s nutritional intake as it relates to their diagnosis.  The Dietician coordinates patient needs with the family, referring agencies and institutions and other community resources.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Must hold Bachelors Degree in Nutrition.

At least one year experience as a dietician in a clinical setting preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assess patients for proper nutrients and fluid intake.
  2. Assess and instruct patients on appropriate diets as ordered by physician.
  3. Re-evaluate to ensure patients are getting better, and if not notify physician and change diets when patients are not improving.
  4. Instruct on general nutrition in terms of having good health and preventing disease.
  5. Assess and Instruct patients on internal feedings to ensure that patients are receiving appropriate calories.
  6. Develop a diet plan for patients with specific diseases, such as malnutrition, failure to thrive to facilitate increase in weight and nutritional content.
  7. Perform other duties as assigned.


Sight and hearing sufficient to comprehend written and verbal communication, ability to work at minimum of (8) hours per day while driving, standing, sitting, assisting patient movements, writing and speaking.