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not only sees patients all through-out San Antonio, but also outside of 1604 where it might sometimes be difficult to cover patients.

Our Qualified Staff

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access to all patients’ charts 24/7 through the user friendly web based software, Kinnser. Kinnser is an online live program that all of our staff uses to input notes, orders and communication notes. We also use it to invoice so no waiting for the mailman.

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assurance department is the best in the business! With 15 years of experience in home health. We trust that when you receive completed therapy notes, you will have the peace of mind that they will be strictly checked for all new Medicare guidelines.

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The Physical Therapist (PT) conducts assessments and reassessments of rehabilitation needs and potential. The PT also plans, implements, and supervises therapeutic programs which include therapeutic exercises, gait training, range of motion testing and exercises, maintenance therapies, heat treatments, baths, and other activities normally performed by a physical therapist. The PT reports to the Director of Professional Services.


  1. Graduate of a curriculum in Physical Therapy accreditedianproved by the AmericanPhysicalTherapy Association, or the Committee on Allied Health Education of the American Medical Association, or the Council on Medical Education of the American Physical Therapy Association awarding a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  2. Currently licensed”‘by’the State of Texas to practice as a Physical Therapist.
  3. Two years appropriate experience as a Physical Therapist required. One year experience in a home health setting preferred.


  1. Conducts assessments and reassessments of the patient’s level of function by applying diagnostic and prognostic procedures.
  2. Plans, implements, and supervises an individualized therapeutic program designed to restore physical function, improve range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, or functional ability.
  3. Coordinates and collaborates with the Director of Professional Services, or designated professional, to ensure integration of the therapeutic program in the plan of care.
  4. Guides and teaches the patient in techniques, exercises, or precautions designed to improve range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, or functional ability.
  5. Observes, records, and reports the patient’s reaction to treatment and any changes n the patients condition or treatment. Documents the extent of the patient’s involvement in decisions effecting his/her care.
  6. Instructs other agency personnel and patient family members in activities of physical therapy in which they may safely and effectively assist the patient.
  7. Participates in patient case conferences to coordinate the patient’s plan of care and promote a positive therapeutic outcome.
  8. Participates in continuous assessment and evaluation of the agency via Quarterly Record Review, or the Quality Assurance/Improvement Program.


Sight and hearing sufficient to comprehend written and verbal communication, ability :o work a minimum of eight (8) hours per day while driving, standing., sitting, ‘assisting patient movements, writing, and speaking.